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15 amp EVSE and Adapters
A 15 Amp Nissan Jap Import EVSE with
15A three pin (3112) adapter to
a Blue Commando caravan plug.

A few people have now done long trips around New Zealand in their EVs and made it quite comfortably around some of New Zealand's most remote places like the Catlins and East Cape.

For LEAF and iMiEV owners with an open road distance of around 100km there needs to be a bit of planning, but less than you may think.

For most LEAF and iMiEV owners the trend has been to carry two EVSE units while travelling - a ~15 amp and a ~10 amp. The ~10 amp EVSE can be plugged into any normal household socket, but the charge times are lengthy so it's generally best for overnight charging.

A ~15 amp EVSE cuts down your wait time from about 10 to 5 hours per 100 km.

Getting a 15 amp EVSE with a Blue Commando (aka Caravan plug) adpater means you can charge at virtually any Holiday Park in New Zealand. It pays to phone the park first and explain your situation. Many are now listed on PlugShare.com so it may not be necessary to phone in advance for those ones.

A host of other places have Blue Commando sockets like Bed & Breakfasts. If you find one not on PlugShare.com, ask if you can put it on so the network can grow. People feel more comfortable about buying an EV if there are lots of places to charge.

Some people have a 15A 3112 plug on the end of their EVSE. It's like a normal plug, but it as a larger earth pin. Don't under any circumstances grind the large pin down to make it fit into a 10A standard wall socket or you could start a fire. A few places have 15 amp normal wall sockets for outdoor appliances, but you should get an adapter to a Blue Commando so you can charge at holiday parks. By far the most sockets around are 16 Amp Blue Commando (aka caravan socket). Our EV Trails have some of these places listed.

Having a smart phone on your travels and using the map along with WikiCamps App makes life a lot easier for finding places to top up and navigating to your next charge station.

Many holiday parks or motels have no idea what to charge. To give them a guide, when you plug into a normal 10 amp household socket, it's about $0.60 per hour cost. To fully charge a LEAF would take about 10 hours, so about six dollars cost. If you are plugging in at a Holiday Park with a ~15 amp EVSE into a Blue Commando outlet (aka caravan socket) it is more likely about $1.20 per hour cost, still about $6 for a full charge. The common price charged by holiday parks is between $2 - $2.50 per hour if you are not staying.

To work out the cost of electricity is simple:

  • EVSE amps * Volts * Electricity Unit Rate
  • ie. 15 amp EVSE running on 230 volts = 3.5 kilo Watts * $0.33c = $1.15/h

NOTE: You cannot use a ~15 amp EVSE in a normal 10 amp household socket for risk of fire, but you can use a ~10 amp EVSE in a ~15 amp socket no probs. Just make sure the EVSE you're plugging in is less or equal to the rating on the socket.

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